Seatrax is proven in the recovery of stolen yachts


We are the leader in affordable solutions for protecting yachts against theft. Seatrax solution uses a small satellite transmitter permitting off shore use, far beyond any cellular coverage area. Unlike other products, it has no external antennas so it can be covertly installed easily and effectively. If your yacht or boat starts to move, Seatrax automatically notifies you on your email or cell phone, and you can immediately notify authorities. And Seatrax will permit you to continually track your yacht until it is recovered.

Track your Vessel from your phone, computer, or email notifications

Pleasure craft owners enjoy the additional benefit of safety and security with remote location tracking of friends and family. Business craft owners also enjoy the same safety benefit and, in some cases, location information can permit better fleet management and utilization.

Benefits and Uses

  • Satellite-based tracking works where cellular and radio systems don’t work, and where they do work.
  • Flexible notification features sends encrypted position information to secure web-based mapping e-mail addresses or cell phones, includes emergency notification options
  • Multiple Uses. Supports monitoring, tracking, control and security of leisure vessels, Merchant ships, Fishing fleets, Dive boats, jet skis, kayaks,etc




  • SAVE $$$$ on annual insurance premiums 
  • Peace of mind for your family for tracking while out of cell phone range.(Almost “real-time” email updates to your phone or laptop with tracking of boat location on maps)
  • Aids boat owner in theft recovery or locating family members
  • Portable and can be moved from boat to boat or any moving vehicle
  • Waterproof and maintenance free
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