When you need to know where your trucks, equipment, rental cars, service vans or shipping containers are, rely on AtlasTrax satellite tracking system which operates reliably within and beyond cellular coverage. Either to assist in theft deterrence, to operate your fleet with greater efficiency or to give your a trail of your trips, we have a solution for you.



We have satellite tracking solutions for your car or truck fleet. Hardware units are available for several suppliers and can be externally mounted on top of the cab or on the dash or back windowsill if there is clear view of the sky.


Tracking in moving companies, cab service, container shipments, ski resort equipment tracking, snowmobile or hunting applications, remote forestry or mining locations are only some of the uses for the portable ATLASTRAX.

Excellent for assisting in locating personnel in the event of injury, vehicle breakdown, severe weather, other dangerous conditions or simply for vehicle scheduling.

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